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Tentative Program 2018

8:30//Conference  Registration
9:00// Welcoming remarks:
Dr. Emilio Baños, President of UPAEP (Puebla University)
Dr. Luis Casasus, President RIID  (Rielo Institute for Integral Development)
9:30//  Plenary Session: 
Key note Speaker: Dr. Santino Severoni ( World Health Organization, Coordinator, Public Health and Migration, Europe Regional Office) 
10:15//  “Migrations and Health in Society, Time and Space”
Dra. María de Lourdes Rosas López  (UPAEP)
10:45//  Dr. Jose Hernandez

11:15// Coffee break
11:45//  The methodology of Accompaniment in the Migrants Hostels  
Father Gustavo García  (Coordinator  of the Pastoral Dioceses of Migrants, Puebla)

12:30 // Health and Migration from the  Perspective of  Public Health.
Maurizio Marceca, MD. (Sapienza University of Rome)

13:15// Panel:  Family Medicine and Health of Migrants
Chair: José Luis Huerta (President of the Mexican Society of Family Medicine))
Dra. Johanna Montalvo
Dr. Javier Domínguez
Dr. Miguel Ángel Suárez


13:45// Mental Health in the Migratory Process , Cecilia Suárez (Director of Catholic Relief Services , México)

14:15// Lunch Break

16:00//Concurrent Round Tables 
17:15// Concurrent Round Tables 
18:30// Welcoming Cocktail

8:30//Conference Registration
9:00// Migrants’ Health at the Northern Borders of Mexico and the United States. Dr. Vincent Guilamo-Ramos (NYU)


10:00// Panel: Transmigration and the agents of health on the South and Center border of  México. 

Francisco Rocha Camacho (Servicio Jesuita de Atención a Migrantes y Refugiados, Frontera Comalapa, Chiapas)

Ana Luisa Rubio Reyes ("Servicio en vías" FM4 Paso Libre, Guadalajara, Jalisco)

María Georgina Garibo García ("Acompañamiento al Viacrucis del Migrante encima de La Bestia", Puebla)

Sara Elia Salazar Gracida ("Voluntariado", Puebla)

11:00//Project of the Red Cross: "Attenzione" for the migrants traveling on the train "The beast" in Ciudad Serdan, Puebla, Mexico.

Hilario Galicia Uriarte (President of  Cruz Roja, Delegación Ciudad Serdán, Puebla, México)


11:30// Coffee Break

Panel: The Network of the Hostels and their care to Migrants
12:45//Do we care?: The Role of  Higher Education on the Issues of Migrants Health
Dr. Annalisa Sacca (Professor and Founder of the  Center for  Global Development, St. John´s University, NY, and Chief Academic Officer of RIID


13:15// Video Presentation of  The World Federation for Health and Migration
​  Dr. Roberta Villalón (Director, WFHM)

13:45// Closing Remarks​
 Dr. María de Lourdes Rosas López (UPAEP)

14:00// Closing 
Dr. Luis Casasus, Presidente de RIID

8:30// Conference Registration

9:00// Presentation of the Four Years report Migration and Health 2017, CONAPO (Consejo Nacional de Migración, -National Council on Migration-)

10:00//  Health, Migration and Health Economy
Dr. Jorge Mora Rivera (ITESM)
Mtro. Juan José Li Ng (BBVA Research)
Mtro. Juan Luis Ordaz (BBVA Research)

11:00// Coffee Break

11:20// // Health Initiatives of Americas  and  its Impact on the Migrant Population
Dra. Xochitl Catañeda (Director, Health Initiative of the Americas, School of Public Health UC Berkeley)
12:20 Social and Health Condition of the Sirian Refugees and its epidemiological and economic impact in the Health System of Turkey
Dra. Seval Akgün, Baskent (University, Ankara, Turkey)

13:10// “Education for Migrants’ Health:  A Multidisciplinary Approach,”   by Dr. Alina Camacho-Gingerich, ( Chair of the Department of Languages and Literatures and Director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, St. John’s University, New York)

13:40// :Transmigrations and the Players that Provide Health Services in the South and Central Borders of Mexico
(Migrants Hostels at the South  of México: The  72nd  and the Jesuit care services to Migrants and Refugees)

14:30 //Lunch Break

16:00 Presentation of  the Project “Care” of the Red Cross on Migrants in Transit on the Train “La Bestia”in  Serdán City, Puebla, México.
Hilario Galicia Uriarte (President of the Red Cross, Delegation Serdán City, Puebla, México)

16:30 Concurrent Round Tables I
18:00 Concurrent Round Tables II

19:30 Gala Dinner with Mariachi Music

Thursday,  January 11
Friday, January 12
Saturday, January 13
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